Monday, January 26, 2009

We're up and running!

Here ye! Here ye! The Griffin & Co. blog has officially been established. I am very excited to have an outlet to share updates, pictures, humorous happenings, etc. about our family. I am not as excited that the reason I finally found time to do this was because I was blessed with the stomach flu all weekend. So, my dear husband and handsome son spent the weekend at Meme & Pops' and let me suffer with the animals. Thankfully, overall I am finally feeling a little better and am using this blog as a means to think about something else besides how sad I am without my Mommy-and-Griffin weekend time. Seeings as how I did not take the time to start this blog until Griffin was almost 17 months old, my first few postings are going to be back-dated as I feel that it would be an extreme injustice to you if you should miss out on some great photos/stories. So, please bare with me as I try to catch you up to present day.

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