Sunday, January 25, 2009

Go Paxton Tigers!

Griffin went with Mommy to several of the Paxton volleyball games this fall to show his support for the Tigers and for Meme (who is the assistant coach). We took Granddad Shorty to several of the games including making the trek to Lincoln for the State tourney. Griff was such a good little boy at the games. The very 1st game he cried every time the buzzer buzzed or the whistle blew, and I thought "Oh no...this is going to be a long day" as our 1st game was actually a 4-team quadrangular. Thankfully, he quickly got over that and as long as juice and snacks (freeze-dried fruit, puffs, yogurt bites) were readily-available he was just fine. And, as you can tell by the pictures, there was never a shortage of people to hold and entertain him. I grew up going to volleyball/basketball games and love that Griffin gets to do that as well. The volleyball girls got used to having him at their games and could even hear his unmistakable growl/grunt during the National Anthem!

This is Griff with a few of the volleyball girls at his very 1st volleyball game ever (@ Brady).

Griffin loves Betsy Elder. She was his very first non-family babysitter and helped us out several times watching Griffin when Meme had to go to volleyball practice until Mommy got home from work.

It is always so much fun to see Griffin and his Great Granddad together. They both enjoy each other immensely. Love knows no age. Just look!
Sometimes we would have breaks between our next game. Great Aunt Mickey came along a few times to help out with the boys (Griff and Granddad). As you can see...they get along just swell.Griff with Aunt Lexie at the State Tournament. If you look close you can see a big bruise on his forehead. He had a little tussle with one of Great Aunt Mickey's bamboo TV trays, and...well...the tray won! Darn it!

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