Sunday, January 25, 2009

2nd Cousin Lindsey's wedding!

Griffin went to his first wedding in November. His 2nd cousin, Lindsey Perlinger, got married in Kearney. He was soooo cute dressed in a red plaid shirt, black sweatervest with a train on it, and gray corduroy pants. His new black dress shoes were called Squeakers and would squeak any time his put weight down through them. For some reason he decided not to nap at all on the way there, so he actually fell asleep on Aunt Mandy during most of the ceremony. Apparently, the harmonious sounds of his 2nd cousins Alex and Mattingly singing was enough to send him to dreamland. He is a boy who is used to getting 2-3 good naps in everyday, and this day was no exception. So, at the reception, he fell asleep dancing with Mommy and slept soundly in the corner next to a tree! It was sooo cute and funny to see. The lights, music, and people didn't seem to disturb him at all. Toward the end of the night he had lots of fun with cousins Gracie and Ryker playing in the hallway.

Asleep at the reception.

Griffin and his cousins reading a book. What a cute pic!Griff on Uncle Chad's shoulders.

Having some snacks with the Father-of-the-bride, Great Uncle Bobby.

Griffin and Bride Linds. Soooo pretty!

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