Sunday, January 25, 2009

Christmas at Grandma's!

We had Christmas at Grandma Ivy's the week after Christmas. This was Griff's 1st Christmas there as we had just gotten home from the NICU last year and weren't allowed to go out & about yet, so Mommy was soooo excited! All 16 of us have stockings hung and anxiously await for Santa to come and fill them. As in this case, there are times when we don't have Christmas there until AFTER actual Christmas Day, so special arrangements have to be made so that Santa knows when to come. One of the ways that we do this is with reindeer dust. This is a concoction which each grandkid spreads out on Grandma's yard so that Santa and his reindeer can find their way. The below pics are of Griff with his 1st reindeer dust.
Here's Griff with most of his cousins and their dust...cousins Patrick and Ashley didn't arrive until the next morning.

Griff would closely watch what his cousins were doing.

He looked at his cup.

And jammed his hand right down into it and threw it with one quick motion.

The next morning we awoke to find that Santa indeed had come (he even left a hand-signed note to apologize for the reindeer who puked on Mommy Tara's was there! Jordyn and Kristina couldn't believe it!). We then opened all of our stocking goodies and our presents.

Griffin got lots of books for Christmas, which he just loves! Ooooh...Mommy! A tractor!
Hey Daddy...whatcha doin'?
Just chillin' with my Mommy.

Griffin had to make his appearance as one of Santa's honorary reindeer (Aunt Mandy and Aunt Cindy BOTH gave him one of these outfits). Too cute!!

Here is Grandma with all of her Grandkids. Aren't we cute?

Uncle George loves to read and play with me.

Cousin Jordyn & Griffin.

Cousin Kristina & Griff.

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